Why do University Students love Pho so Much in major Canadian Cities – read here!

Part of the charm of pho for students is that it’s very easy to prepare at home as well as to pick up from a restaurant. It’s also very light so it’s an excellent dish to have on a date or when you want something that’s not going to weigh you down like a burger and fry will. Another reason why it’s perhaps so popular is that it’s very adaptable. Pho can be created from beef, chicken, or pork, and can even be made vegetarian or vegan if that’s where you want to go with it. This makes it easy for students to enjoy, regardless of food preferences or cultural background. It’s also the perfect ethnic cuisine dish as it can adapt according to food trends within the marketplace. Depending on what’s the latest diet craze, pho can more or less be adapted to it as needed.

In the last decade, although several ethnic cuisines and ethnic foods have made an impact in North American culture, many people have put their bets on Vietnamese pho being the next ethnic dish to hit the mainstream. In all honesty, it very much already has. In every major North American city, you will find pho somewhere. It’s offered at upscale restaurants, in catering, and even on some university campuses. Campbell Soup Corporation recently began marketing a refrigerated pho broth to the food service industry. It won’t be long before you see pho pre-packaged at your local grocery store or supermarket. After all, packaged Asian foods already accounted for more than $65 million in Canadian grocery sales last year.

Our diets in Canada are changing. This is no more evident than in the way the Canadian food guide changed this year. We are moving away from traditional American eating and towards healthier, more balanced meals. That’s at the center of Vietnamese food, including pho. Every dish is balanced, healthy, and incorporates a mix of ingredients that are oftentimes anti-inflammatory.

There is a frenzy happening towards southeast Asian cuisine and a lot of that centers on the university students. They’ve positioned pho as something trendy, Instagram-friendly, healthy, and purposeful. As they grow up and into adults with families, it will be interesting to see how these habits adapt and where pho ends up. If you’re looking to grab an amazing bowl of pho in the GTA, visit Toronto Pho. Choose your favourite variety, whether it’s classic Vietnamese style or something different. Toronto Pho has got it all. Come by anytime!