Where Does Vietnamese Flan Come From – See How This Silky Sweet Treat is Made

Why flan is popular in Vietnamese cuisine is also because it’s a very balanced dessert. Unlike Canadian favourites, it doesn’t contain too much sugar, salt, or fat. In fact, it’s fat-free and cholesterol-free. Flan can be eaten on a low-fat diet and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

The silky sweet treat is made by taking the eggs and cooking them in a water bath. The yolks curdle and take the form of the mold. Ingredients are then added for flavor – usually including milk cooked with vanilla, cinnamon, or lemon peel. Some recipes call for the addition of fruit, melted chocolate, coffee, cream cheese or yogurt, and common variation also throw in nuts including almonds, pistachios, and others. After the flan is baked, the mold is inverted and covered with a topping of your choice, usually caramel.

The next time you’re searching for a quick tasty Vietnamese dessert to enjoy, try some flan. TorontoPHO is a huge advocate for making healthier choices in eating. This low-carb, low-fat treat’s a nice way to cap off a meal and send you on your way happy. Drop in for a visit and devour one of our bowls of pho or have a spring roll. Before you run though, try some flan. We almost guarantee it will provide you with a smile and a nice exclamation point on a meal well done! Visit TorontoPHO today, the GTA’s best Vietnamese restaurant.