Using Tofu as Imitation Meat in Vietnamese Cooking – What’s It Made From and How It’s Used

Now every culture has their own way of preparing tofu and using it as an imitation meat or substitute for protein. Tofu in Vietnamese cooking is specific. Vietnam dishes typically use a type of tofu that’s softly made and is usually eaten hot with a powdered sugar, lime juice, and/or ginger-flavored syrup.

That said, we use tofu in a wide variety of different ways and that’s exactly what tofu should be used for. Tofu is an inexpensive, high-protein, and highly nutritious imitation meat you won’t hear about on the news or won’t see trending on social media. Even so, it’s a classic choice of East Asian cuisine, has been used in Vietnamese cuisine for such a long time, and we don’t intend to stop using it because untested, unhealthy imitation meats have come into the market.

Tofu is an all-natural protein substitute, unlike these other imitation meat brands which come to processing in order to accomplish the finished product. In Vietnamese restaurants like ours, we stick with tofu because we know its’ health benefits and the many ways it can be used. We yet know the true consequences of these new processed fake meats however for all the positives coming out of this, we still believe that ‘old’ is best. For our culture and our families, we use tofu every time.

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