What is in a Wonton Wrapper

To make a wonton, you spread out your square wrapper. This has to be pre-made, usually as dough from flour, egg, water, and salt. The wrapper must be pressed flat with the hand. Then, a small amount of filling is put at the center. A ‘small amount of filling’ is likely less than you think. Keep it small so that you can seal the wonton into the desired shape. Speaking of, to do so, compress the wrapper’s edges together with your fingers. Moistening the inner edges can help with adhesion. To moisten, just dip your fingertip in water and run it along the dry dough in order to dissolve the extra flour.

The most common filling in a wonton wrapper is ground pork and shrimp. The mixture can be seasoned with salt, spices, and garlic, or finely chopped green onion. The sort of factory-made, frozen wontons are similar but still quite a bit different from what you’ll enjoy at a Vietnamese restaurant.

In terms of how to prepare and cook wontons, they can be boiled and served in soup. They can also be deep-fried. There are wontons in various categories of Asian cuisine. In Cantonese cooking, you will find shrimp filled wonton with minced pork as a common recommendation. In Shanghai cuisine, you’ll also find minced meat used to make a wonton before placing it in a chicken soup.

In Canada, as you likely have had them before, wontons are served a la American Chinese inspired cuisine. They are usually given in wonton soup or in an appetizer format as deep fried wontons. Fried wontons in particular are a popular choice, usually filled with pork and then served with duck sauce, plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or hot mustard. Wontons are served throughout the world, from Canada to Australia, usually all pulling from Vietnamese and Asian cooking.

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