What Makes Vietnamese Cuisine So Delicious?

You go to your local farmer’s market. Look around. What you see are loads of delightfully fresh vegetables and fruits, and dishes made from those same farm-fresh ingredients. 

In North America, this sort of paradise of fresh foods is usually only common at the local marketplace. By the same those same veggies reach our grocery store aisles, they’re not the same. Some of the freshness has been lost and a lot of those items have been commercially grown, prioritizing output over nutritional health.


Now take Vietnam. The entire cuisine of Vietnam is built around these farm-fresh foods. Like in Canada, a lot of the culture of growing food for Vietnamese cuisine is family-based. It’s generations of grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, and kids at farms growing some of the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and rice in the world.


Take that same approach to international Vietnamese restaurants in cities like Toronto, the creation of a definitive Vietnamese cuisine, and a commitment to freshness, and you have it. Delicious, family-friendly, and filling. This is Vietnamese cuisine.


A Taste of Vietnam


For newly arrived Vietnamese, just like anyone else, you can get a little homesick from time to time.


Sometimes, there’s nothing as comforting as a bowl of authentically prepared Vietnamese pho. It’s like having all your family – even those who are no longer with us on Earth – there with you. Even if it’s just for a brief bit, Vietnamese cuisine brings people back to their childhood, their greatest times, and gives them a sense of warmth that sometimes is hard to find in a busy city.


Aromas to Make Your Mouth Water!


There’s very little oil used in Vietnamese cooking. Only when necessary is there oil added. Therefore, the ways to add taste to dishes relies entirely on the skill of the chef.


Spices and herbs are used intelligently. The technique of how a Vietnamese meal is cooked impacts the final taste. Walk into any Vietnamese kitchen and the first thing that’ll hit you are aromatic seasonings. It will instantly get your mouth watering.


Spice and herb mixes get passed down through the years and are used for pho and stir-fried dinners among others. Once these mixes hit the air and fill a room, it’s hard to turn down Vietnamese cuisine.


If you enjoy using oils and butter in your cooking, you may be concerned about what a dish resembles in taste without these ingredients. The lack of oil doesn’t compromise taste in Vietnamese cooking. We simply use other means of achieving a desirable taste. Dishes like pho are bursting with flavors. Try it!


There’s Genuine Love in the Food


Cooking is a popular past-time in Vietnam. We love to cook. It’s a part of Vietnamese history, culture, and heritage.


In our meals, you find influence from the farmlands of Vietnam to colonialism-led French cooking. As recipes get passed from family to family and through the decades, everything’s been refined into meals any food-lover can appreciate.


In the world’s most expensive high-end restaurants, people come for the taste but also for the quality of the presentation. Like you would going to a concert to see your favourite pop star, visiting a restaurant is the same for a chef. In a Vietnamese restaurant, this also applies. For Vietnamese cooks, they take great pride in preparing their meals and invest all their efforts in achieving the right combination of tastes. 


Voted One of the Healthiest Cuisines in the World!


Vietnamese food is some of the healthiest in the world. Dishes are always filling. Though customizations can vary the nutritional content, in general, Vietnamese cooking is low-fat, immune system-boosting, packed with vitamins and minerals, and gluten-free.


People have used Vietnamese food to help them lose weight. Dishes often pull from energy-boosting ingredients that can help wake the body and warm the tummy. When you eat Vietnamese, rest assured that this isn’t a cheat meal. You’re doing something good for your health.


There’s A Little Bit of Canada in Every Bowl of Pho


You don’t realize how much you miss having your own food until you’re somewhere it’s hard to find. For decades, traditional Vietnamese ingredients couldn’t be found in Canada. The compromises took resulted in dishes that were part-Vietnam and part-Canada. That influence continues to be felt in restaurants all across the country.


Fortunately, with the influx of more immigrants into Canada, this has brought with it more international cuisine and the ingredients that make it. This has allowed Toronto restaurants to provide authentic Vietnamese eats just like they would be at home. The mix of Canadian-influenced meals and their more traditional counterparts has given foodies lots to explore.


Is Vietnamese Cuisine Vegetarian or Vegan?


Another feature of Vietnamese cuisine that cannot be forgotten is how adaptable it is. Customizing Vietnamese is easy. You can make almost any Vietnamese dish to suit vegan or vegetarian lifestyles.


One of the most easily customizable dishes is pho. A type of Vietnamese soup, there are a multitude of varieties available. You can continue following the dietary restrictions you’ve committed to and eat this type of food. It does not conflict.


You can make Vietnamese pho more meaty if you like, more spicy, more plain, more salty or sweet, or whatever you need. There’s no shortage of distinct, refreshing spices and herbs to employ in the creation of these types of dishes.


Vietnamese is One of the World’s Trendiest Cuisines


Vietnamese cuisine has been extensively written about in the past decade. It’s featured on Instagram, blogs, websites, in newspapers, and more. Vietnamese cookbooks have sold tremendously well. More and more restaurants have arrived with their own variation on the authentic Vietnamese cooking of TorontoPHO.


Vietnamese is trending and in a big way. At the height of its popularity is the affordable and delicious pho. A noodle soup, pho is Vietnam’s unofficial national dish. If there’s one meal that defines what it is to eat Vietnamese, it’s pho. This is why we always recommend to try it, if you haven’t had this type of food before. More often than not, it will blow you away.


As a lot of the world continues to move towards a diet predominantly of fresh vegetables, increasingly meatless dishes, less oil and dairy, low-fat, low-carb, and low-calorie meals, Vietnamese offers some of the most perfect dishes for exactly this.


Comparing Asian cuisines, Vietnamese provides some of the cleanest eating you will find. Continue to keep up your weight and fitness goals while eating tasty dishes like pho, rolls, and more.


“While Canada is My Home, My Heart Will Always Be in Vietnam.”


Everyone wants to contribute and offer something to society. This is the culture so many Vietnamese have grown up believing. For a lot of Vietnamese families who have come to Canada, they want to share the good of Vietnamese culture with Canadians.


You will find some amazing Toronto Vietnamese restaurants like TorontoPHO taking this exact approach. By taking recipes learned in Vietnam and applying those to how Canada eats, availability of ingredients, and market demand, the resulting cuisine is thoroughly enjoyed by all.


It’s our pride to be able to bring a little bit of Vietnam to anyone in need of a warm meal. See desserts, beverages, milkshakes, bubble tea, vegetarian dishes, rice and egg noodle in broth, vermicelli noodles, stir-fried dishes, rice dishes, quick bites, salads, rolls, and more.


From our family to yours, we’re bringing a little bit of Vietnam to Canadians. We’re the GTA’s best Vietnamese eatery. There’s no better place to order Vietnamese cuisine in Toronto than TorontoPHO. Choose from delivery, pickup, or dine-in. Check us out on our app or visit our website to put in your order. Vietnamese cuisine in Toronto on-demand has been made easy. The menu’s online with all our details there. From the sunniest of summertime days to rainy, cold winter days, TorontoPHO will always be there with the stove on.