Pros And Cons of Pho

Con – The Broth is Easy to Mess Up

If you are making pho at home, the broth is the toughest part. It takes a lot to craft the perfect broth. You have to know your meats and herbs. There’s a certain amount of time to include specific ingredients. If this is your first time making pho, you may want to have someone experienced nearby to oversee the job.

Pro – Pho is Fresh and Unprocessed

Pho doesn’t typically use any sort of processed food. A lot of the ingredients – if not all – are completely fresh. The herbs and vegetables, in particular, fit this definition. The freshness of ingredients maximizes the nutrition in your bowl of pho.

Pro – Pho is High in Protein

You won’t find protein lacking in a bowl of pho. Often, there are different meats combined in addition to the protein contributed from the noodles. The result is a very filling, healthy meal providing you with a quality protein source that isn’t deep-fried or caked in sauce like in other restaurants.

Pro – Lots of Vegetables

Pho is packed with healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables. If you enjoy eating vegetables, a bowl of pho’s where you can find a lot. For vegetarians, they may choose to remove the meat and replace it with vegetables. They pack a lot of fiber and so, they will fill you up.

Con – Pho Noodles Are Carb-Heavy

Pho worries some people because of the carb content. It isn’t a low-carb meal. It’s not quite eating a plate of spaghetti but it’s close in terms of the carbohydrate count. To combat this problem, if it is indeed a problem, is to ask for fewer noodles.

Pho – There is Vegetarian Pho

Pho usually comes in chicken, beef, pork, or tofu flavors. Pho can be made completely vegetarian. Most Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto offer vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Vegetarian eating in Vietnamese cuisine is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon.

Pro – Pho is Warm

On a cold day in winter, there’s nothing better at bringing your temperature back up than Vietnamese pho. Sit down with a hot bowl of pho and sip at it until you’re back to feeling like yourself. Pho is also great in spring, summer, and fall when you’re out running errands under a chilly, heavy rain.

Pro – Pho Has A Lot of Health Benefits

Pho is very nutritious. From its ingredients, it’s been shown to reduce inflammation and improve joint health. If you suffer from something like chronic pain or arthritis, you may want to entertain the idea of enjoying more pho. The broth particularly can be very anti-inflammation.

Con – Pho Takes Time

Pho isn’t a meal to kick up in 15 minutes or less. Pho takes multiple hours to prepare, strictly as it relates to the broth. The longer it takes, the more attention is required and the more chance there’s to mess something up. Be very careful, if you’re the one cooking the pho.

Pro – Pho is Healthy

Pho is packed with a lot of nutrition, from protein and carbs to the herbs and vegetables used. Despite the fact that pho is presented as comfort food to many Canadians, pho is very healthy worth the occasional add to your diet.

Pro – Pho is Low-Fat

This is a claim that varies from bowl to bowl. Some pho can certainly be high in fat. This relies almost entirely on the quality of the meats chosen. Your average pho will use thin cuts of beef, such as steak, fatty flank, lean flank, and brisket. If you are curious about the fat content, ask your Vietnamese restaurant what meats they include in a bowl or kindly ask them to remove any ingredients you don’t approve of.

Con – High Salt Content

Some variations of pho come with very high salt content. If you have high cholesterol or are supposed to be avoiding salt, having a bowl of pho might not be the best decision.

Pro – Pho is Art

To get the pho broth just right, it takes an artful hand. You’ve got to know what taste to look for, fully aware of the impact additions like herbs, meat, and noodles will have. It takes time and is a learned skill in the kitchen.

Pro – Pho is Low-Calorie

Pho is very customizable. It can absolutely be high-calorie if that’s where you want to take it. Fortunately, most restaurants that make pho in Toronto design it to be a low-calorie meal. Somehow, it still fills you up and feels more than it actually is. This is great news for any person struggling to curb their appetites.

Pro – Pho is Family

Pho isn’t meant to be made on one’s own. It’s a family meal. The pho broth is prepared all day long, oftentimes with various family members participating. The meal involves participation, connection, and communication. There’s no better opportunity to crowd in the kitchen and collectively create a distinctly Vietnamese dish.

Pro – Portions Are Generous

No one makes pho not to share it. There’s often a little too much to go around. Even in a Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto, you will see very large, generous portions of pho given to patrons.

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