See Thirst-Quenching Vietnamese Beverages You Will Absolutely Want to Try After Reading This!

Rau ma

Rau ma is pennywort juice. Pennywort is a member of the carrot and dill family of vegetables. Fresh pennywort leaves are blended with water and sugar until dissolved. The result is a near-transparent green juice served over ice. It is very similar in look and taste to the current health trend of drinking wheatgrass juice. Rau ma is considered one of the best and healthiest Vietnamese juice.

Ca phe sua da

Ca phe sua da is a strong dark iced coffee. It is usually served with sweetened condensed milk, typically at the bottom of a mug. Someone drinking ca phe sua da would stir in the bottom-containing milk with the coffee. This is one of the most popular beverages among Vietnamese people.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is a favourite Vietnamese tea. Scented with jasmine blossoms, jasmine tea is of Chinese origin. Its base is most commonly green tea. The flavor of jasmine is sweet and very fragrant. The most reputable jasmine tea in Vietnam comes down from the mountains. The healthiest of Vietnamese teas, jasmine has immune-boosting benefits and contains several antioxidants.

Sua dau nanh

Sua dau nanh is a type of Vietnamese soybean drink. It can be served hot or cold. Choose between sweetened and unsweetened varieties. This is a type of soy milk. It can be used in Vietnamese coffee. Sau dau nanh is a very popular drink throughout Vietnam.

Ruou de

Ruou de is a distilled liquor. It is made from Vietnamese rice. For decades, ruou de was illegal. North Americans might say ruou de is the equivalent of moonshine. It is most commonly manufactured in the south. Alcohol strength varies although 40 percent is common. The appearance of the liquor is clear or a little cloudy. Ruou de originally came to be during colonization when the French had a monopoly on alcohol production. Ruou de was a drink manufactured by the people and for the people. To this day, it’s still a popular drink.

Nuoc mia

Nuoc mia is sugar cane juice. The sugar cane is extracted by squeezing the plant, sometimes done with kumquats to add citrus flavoring. Vietnamese sugar cane juice is always served cold with ice. In its appearance, nuoc mia looks like a sugary green tea. It is consumed in not only Vietnam but also in other parts of Asia, India, North Africa, and even Latin America. If you were to purchase nuoc mia in Vietnam, it would come in a plastic bag or a disposable plastic cup.

Nuoc san day hoa buoi

Nuoc san day hoa buoi is a drink made from kudzu and pomelo flower extract. It is not very common outside of Vietnam but nuoc san day hua buoi is essentially a Vietnamese fruit juice. Alternate varieties are easily made.

Tra de

Tra de is an inexpensive Vietnamese iced tea. It has a lime-yellow color and usually doesn’t contain a lot of taste. It is a common hangover cure, is hydrating, and packs heavy caffeine. Canadian iced tea is cool and sweet. Vietnamese iced tea is more diluted and bitter, and rightfully so. It’s not meant as a dessert or sugary drink. Tra de is a way to defend against heat during the summer months.

Soda hot ga

Soda hot ga is egg soda. This is a very local drink. The thought of a Vietnamese egg soda likely sounds a little strange. Once you get used to the taste though, it’s very refreshing. An egg is a common beverage ingredient, even added to coffee.

Soda xi muoi

Soda xi muoi is a sweet and salty plum soda. The sweet and sour tang of soda xi muoi on a summer’s day is delicious. Soda xi muoi is made from Vietnamese preserved plums in a clear carbonated beverage and with as much sugar as you like. It’s mixed in a simple recipe. The result is absolutely delicious.

Sinh to

Sinh to is a Vietnamese fruit smoothie. So many varieties of it exist. Choose from green bean, red bean, avocado, pineapple, strawberry, jackfruit, durian, sapota, or mango. Sinh to is prepared with sweet condensed milk. It is very similar to what one might expect in a fruit smoothie. The difference is sinh to tends to use fruit native to Vietnam.

Sinh to ca chua

One of the more trendy sinh to varieties is a Vietnamese tomato shake. Tomatoes are in peak season during the hot summer. Taken right off the vine, tomato is most commonly used in Vietnamese recipes to braise fish. They work just as well in a tomato shake. If you already love tomatoes, this beverage is going to be a perfect match for your taste buds. Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of tomatoes, steer clear.

Tra da chanh

Tra da chanh is similar to the iced tea mentioned previously but is lemon-flavored. There’s Vietnamese lime iced tea (tra chanh Hanoi) and Vietnamese peach tea (tra dao) as well. These varieties all customize the tra de recipe to form different tastes according to a person’s preferences. Ultimately, you can make tra de-style Vietnamese iced tea from almost any tea.

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