11 Reasons to Visit TorontoPHO This Spring for Pho Any Time in Toronto

10. We have vegetarian Vietnamese options

We live in an age where not all of us want to eat meat. A lot of our customers are vegan and vegetarians, and they find things on our menu that they enjoy. Our vegetarian authentic Vietnamese pho, for one. All vegetarians are very welcome to come visit. Everything is customizable. If there is a way to accommodate your diet, certainly let us know. Our chef will prepare dishes accordingly, when possible.

9. Eat healthy, light meals

Between the appetizers and main courses, you have a lot of options on the size of the meal desired. A lot of Vietnamese dishes are light on the tummy. No one walks out feeling like they’ve overeaten. The pho, in particular, comes very balanced. It is never too salty, too spicy, or ‘too much’ of anything. The way we prepare these Vietnamese dishes adheres to traditional philosophies of freshness, quality, and balance.

8. We offer dine-in, take-out, and delivery

TorontoPHO has been in business for 15 years, originally as Mi Pho Song Vu. We know how to prepare authentic Vietnamese, needless to say. We also know how to treat our customers. If you’re craving a hot meal, come dine-in, order take-out, and set up a delivery.

7. We’ve got some delicious milkshakes and bubble teas

You wouldn’t know it based on our name but we’ve got some of the best Vietnamese-style milkshakes and bubble teas in Toronto. Natural sugars, healthy fruits, and a pick-me-up. We’re talking avocado, coconut, durian, jackfruit, mango, and strawberry milkshakes, oh my! Alternatively, going down the bubble tea route, there’s honeydew, matcha green tea, taro, pineapple, and watermelon. All so delicious. All so tasty. Order yours for on-the-go.

6. Eat clean

The flavors of Vietnamese cuisine come from the herbs, not from oils, fats, or salt. This is clean eating. We don’t use very much, if any, oil. Even our rice comes unflavored, ready to absorb natural flavors from whatever is incorporated around it. If you have a diet to stick to or you’re counting calories, cut down on the accessorizing on meals. Just eat it clean, plain, and natural. Herbs and spices add a lot. You don’t need oil or anything else!

5. It’s a high-quality food that’s actually affordable

Toronto is a city of expenses. Condo rents increase every year. TTC fees increase more or less annually. You pay to come to work and get home. It costs a lot to live in the GTA. TorontoPHO doesn’t want to bleed you dry. We don’t like restaurants that assume that stance. We offer extremely high-quality, healthy foods at an affordable cost. They’re easy to buy and take with you, or you sit in and grab a table, or bring some family and friends with you. It’s fair portions, affordably priced.

4. Low in sugar and gluten-free

Vietnamese was recently voted as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. A part of why is, of course, the freshness of ingredients and minimal use of oil, dairy, and fats. Another reason is the lack of sugar and the entire Vietnamese cuisine being close to gluten-free. Gluten wheat doesn’t feature anywhere in our cooking. Noodles used are made with rice, not wheat. If you’re gluten-intolerant, you can eat with us. TorontoPHO is inclusive of all diet types.

3. It’s comfort food you don’t need to worry about

When we’re feeling low and we just want a homemade meal, not all of us have a home to get this from. After a hard day at work, those hunger pangs start kicking in. Don’t go the fast-food route. Those calories count! Let TorontoPHO be where you go for a reliably hot, tasty meal. A bowl of pho is delicious and from the broth to the noodles, it will fill you up – to a deceitful degree. You won’t overeat and you’ll feel better for choosing a healthy Vietnamese restaurant over an expensive fast food joint.

2. Presence of vegetables

Every meal is packed with vegetables. Vietnamese relies on veggies more than carbs, meats, anything else. They stack our pho, sandwiches, stir fry dishes, and more. You don’t have to be vegetarian to appreciate strong, healthy vegetables. The abundance of veggies is for health reasons as well as to enact philosophies of freshness, color, variety, and harmony of textures. Vietnamese cooking is all about clusters of elements that work together to achieve a unique objective in taste, texture, and presentation. We couldn’t do it without vegetables.

1. The pho is so irresistibly delicious!

We’re named after our pho. The best pho in Toronto. Choose from chicken, beef, and more. TorontoPHO customizes its pho to the customer. Our broth is also delicately prepared, just like our grandmothers and grandfathers taught us. These are long-time recipes passed down from generations past. If we let down our customers, we let down ourselves and our ancestors. Everything relies on quality cooking and perfection. This is the TorontoPHO way. Excellence in preparation, presentation, and taste.

Fast service. Great prices. Amazing tastes! Come and visit a classic Toronto Vietnamese pho restaurant. Customize it according to how you like it. A mix of family recipes and popular Canadian favourites. This spring, celebrate the sun coming out with a bowl of pho or some appetizers at your side. Join us and others in making Vietnamese a staple in a healthy diet. TorontoPHO is waiting.